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Beware the Teeth Retainers Scam!

If you have a set of teeth retainers, you may be wondering what you should do to maintain them. Here are a few tips. First, be sure to keep the retainers clean. Use cool water to brush them, and be careful with heat and pets. Keep them in a protective case. You don’t want your pet to chew on them, so it’s best to keep them away from them.
Care of teeth retain

The Care of Teeth Retainers scam has been a major issue in California, where Gavin Newsom recently signed legislation requiring dentists to review recent X-rays. In response to the lawsuit, SmileDirectClub, which sells these appliances, sued the state dental board, alleging that the board is trying to suppress competition. The board filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit. SmileDirectClub’s chief legal officer said state dental boards are stifling competition. The company’s stock is down 40 percent since going public.

Beware the Teeth Retainers Scam! This article will The lazy way to teeth retainers give you some important tips to help you avoid being duped by false and ineffective retainers. Using retainers requires proper cleaning and maintenance to prevent repositioning, rebonding, and fracture. To clean your retainer, you can use toothpaste and special cleaning products, such as Retainer Brite. After cleaning, apply specialty care to your retainers using a denture cleanser or a mouthwash and water solution. Remember to store your retainers in a protective case when not in use.
Beware of suspiciously inflated bills

A number of signs indicate that your dentist is engaging in tooth-retainer scams. These include suspiciously inflated bills, unbundled services, and creative diagnosis. Fraudulent dental services should be reported to your insurance company. You should also be suspicious of any dentist who asks you to waive your co-payment or deductible in order to receive more money. The American Dental Association warns against such practices.